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Hey! I am Archita

Your Body, The Way You Want It

Getting in shape shouldn’t be a punishment. It’s an amazing and empowering lifestyle decision that anyone can make. I believe in finding the pleasurable side of fitness; and while there may be a sore muscle or two along the way, the benefits of fitness are worth the discomfort. I have developed my training regime by working with a variety of experts and adapting programs specific to fitness styles of my clients.


Why Is Mind & Muscle Theory For You?


Do you struggle in sustaining your health goals, and end up in a vicious loop of fad diets?

Are you often running low on energy, confidence, motivation and time?

Do you often indulge in stress/midnight binging that is followed by terrible guilt and regret?

Are you driving yourself crazy with endless cardio and high-intensity workouts that leave you drained after exercising?

Let's change this together, shall we?


My Story


After being stuck in a rat race for 7 long years, and losing track of my passion, gaining a lot of weight, losing my identity and hosting 13+ diseases, I had given up on myself, and accepted defeat. I started believing that health or strength was not for me. And that I will always be this plus size, suboptimal, barely getting through life kinda person.

What I did for years was- I took this body a perfect, brilliant biocomputer that could heal itself and demanded it to move no matter what. I ignored my body's cues to slow down.

Now, you can do that for a day, for a month, for a year - but eventually overtime the machine is going to break. And it did.

So when shit hit the fan last year, I quit on this supposedly perfect life, with a fancy job and financial stability that made my mind & body sick. And I started working FOR my body instead of AGAINST it. My body's response was almost magical, like it was waiting for me to take one step in the right direction.

I started loving my body, and it loved me back the same. The rest is confetti.

I've lived on both sides and I know what it feels like to be stuck in a body where you don't belong, and to wear a happy face for the world.

I also know what it's like to be able to CHANGE that, to change the relationship you have with yourself and with food & movement.

To lead from a place of self love and compassion and to experience how it ripples into every facet of your life. This is the foundation of M&M theory.

My mission with the launch of this program is  :

  • To empower you to your strongest mental & physical potential through mindful eating & movement, recovery & behavioural changes

  • To transform your body & mind with habit forming nutrition & training methods 

  • To educate & empower you to your strongest mental & physical potential

  • To simplify nutrition & fitness so you can focus on living your life with your best potential


Here's how I'd like to help you

My goal with Mind & Muscle Theory is simple: I take all the (boring) science of fitness and nutrition and make it fun and easy to understand so you can lose fat, build muscle, and live a healthier life all without giving up your life.

I want to quickly explain how we do things here at Mind & Muscle Theory. This is to ensure there’s no misunderstanding between us and you know what to expect going forward. Sound good? Let’s begin.



Designed With You in Mind

Custom Training Program 

  • Combination of 20 training programs which include Strength-training, HIIT, Boxing, Conditioning, Mobility, Animal Flow and more!

  • No two bodies are the same, hence your training program should unique to you. You will be powering through programs designed specifically for your needs, schedule, preferences, and most importantly injury history.

  • We meet once a week, on a virtual session to understand challenges with exercise form and modifications. 

Focused Nutrition Plan 

  • You get clear, concise directions on how many calories you should be eating; how much protein; how much fat; and how many carbs.

  • You learn to plan cheat meals and resolve poor relationships with food

  • No more confusion and fiddling around with online calculators that give you conflicting numbers. You will be provided with a nutrition plan that allows you to eat the foods you enjoy and one that fits your lifestyle.

Weekly Learning Sessions

  • Instead of me throwing a bunch of information all at once, weekly interactive sessions will improve your understanding of fitness and nutrition so that you have a clear idea of what you should be doing, when you should be doing it, and why you should be doing it.

  • The zoom session will be live and recordings will be available for a week after.

  • Think of these sessions as your personal space to ask questions and get guidance, especially during the first few weeks of the coaching when things can get confusing and overwhelming.

Private Fitness Community

  • I believe in the power of a personal journey. The beauty of sharing its impact and growing stronger together along with like-minded individuals is phenomenally empowering. Along with me being your biggest cheerleader, you’ll also have support from people treading on the same journey as you. By sharing your struggles, wins and goals with this close group you no longer need to feel like in this all alone.

  • With fun group workouts and monthly challenges, there will be no dearth of inspiration for you to reach your next milestone. 


Jump-Start to a fitter you - 2021

8 Week- Fitness and Nutrition Project

Here’s what you can expect from me :

  • Weekly fitness training & nutrition programs 

  • Printable exercise calendar 

  • Weekly phone calls to discuss hurdles and progress 

  • Virtual weekly training session

  • Systems to track macros daily

  • Whatsapp message responses within 24-hours (Monday-Friday: 8 am - 8 pm) 

  • Daily accountability partner 

Program duration - 8 weeks/ 2 months (training & nutrition included)

Program fee - INR 14,999 / $200 (one time payment)


Core values

The Mind and Muscle Theory Difference

  • Mindset first  - As much as we like to chase our health goals, and imagine fixing our health/ image issues all at once, it does not work like that in real life! I am sure you already know that. We work on creating behaviour changes through small habits that stick with you for life.

  • Empower - “I will be there for you” is not only the intro to the most iconic sitcom, but also my approach to coaching. As we progress through each stage of your transformation journey, I promise to enthuse it with information, energy and accountability.

  • Empathy - I have experienced a dramatic transformation in my life, and I deeply value the power of an individual’s journey. In our time together I will care about you, your fitness, and most integrally your journey. 

  • Loyalty -While working with me you can expect me to be your guide, confidante, and loyal friend, who is shamelessly rooting for you. I bring my best attitude to every interaction & anchor you through our relationship.

  • Sustainability  - By providing the right tools and helping you cultivate healthy habits that you can nurture, I will help make fitness an unshakeable life element for you. 

  • Train smart, eat smart  - 9/10 women sign up for fad diets or extreme workout routines for instant results, I have too. It.does.not.work. You know it, I know it. Living your best life does not require running to yourself to the ground. Balance is key. 

  • Stronger together  - Though fitness is a personal journey, celebrating your milestones as a community makes the grind worth every minute. I've learnt that you inspire others unknowingly through stories of success, failure and consistency. I ensure we are, in this together. 



My badge of honour

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I liked the process of systematically tracking the clients progress and your frequent reminder keeps one motivated all the time.I have been taught that its not just about the numbers but the whole process of maintaining this is by establishing a healthy relation with food. The best thing during my program was you always kept me informed about the diet and motivated me to gain the knowledge of the food which I am eating instead of following it blindly which most of the dietician generally do. I acquired so much knowledge on food, dieting and nutrition. And also liked the idea of inculcating the healthy diet in our lifestyle.The best nutritionist that anyone could have, very professional way of approach.


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